Is-being a Honest Episcopalian Enough?

January 12, 2018

Once a month I take my children to some food pantry to accomplish volunteer work. On this kind of Sunday we were stocking shelves using a band of Episcopalian Youth. Be taught more on follow us on twitter by browsing our fine web site. I knew this because every one of them was carrying an Episcopal shield lapel pin. Seeing these kids really lifted my spirits. Often its people who work in the food pantry and that can become very dull for my kiddies. Now they’d the opportunity to work with students their own age.

While breaking up out cans from boxed products, my child Drew entered in to a very interesting conversation with a gentleman, Henry, who appeared to be about 16 years old. Henry and drew became fast friends and worked together throughout the morning. This witty article has a few original suggestions for the reason for this view. When we were done with our work, we got in the vehicle and o-n the drive home, he started to reveal bits and pieces of his morning talk with Henry.

You realize, Henry isn’t so sure if he believes in God, my son informed me. These details sort of caught me off balance. For extra information, we understand you check-out: Isnt Henry an associate of the Episcopal Youth Group that found offer at the food pantry? I asked confused. Yup, he explained, but that really has nothing regarding his volunteering. He does it because he thinks its the right way to do things, he claims he does it because he thinks its the right thing to do.

Now, in my opinion that a part of being a good Episcopalian will be a person, no problem. But thats maybe not the complete ball of wax!

There are Christians who claim to be moral people but who’d certainly not consider themselves-to be spiritual. Therefore my question is, what’s their source for goodness? What does an Episcopalian use whilst the litmus test once and for all, or even the scriptures? If goodness is defined by the individual, then it follows that morality can also be defined by the individual and thats dangerous. Learn more on our affiliated essay – Click here: Where what I believe becomes holy that often leads us down that slippery slope.

Henrys discussion with my child ended up being a real chance for our family. I-t allowed us to examine our personal concerns and views on the significance of a moral framework thats God- based. Imagine just how much considerably greater Henrys acts of kindness would be if he were sensitized not to only the actual outcomes of his being an excellent Samaritan, but the religious consequences as well..

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